Sway Rocking Chair Can Hold More Than One


The Sway rocking chair, designed by Markus Krauss, changes shapes and accommodates more than one person at a time.

This seating solution will rock you all day long and, in order to keep things interesting, it can offer you two different shapes that can better fit with your swaying needs. And in case you’ll want to share your sways with anyone else, well that’s possible too, since the Sway has the extra space other rocking chairs lack to let you sway with your better half.

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This is all a secret.
Open to listening as so.
Words to lead to stillness.
Power frozen without time.
The intersection of quantum possibilities.
A moment on or off.
Tripping or floating.
Darkness downplays the truth of the timeless.
Proving by erasing my mind.
A melodrama in silence.


Picking up the next thought like the director crafted transition of a dream.
Noticing of forcement.
The less a self in the moment, the more reality looks like computer driven graphics.
Life is in fast forward.

Carving out the imperfections.
Circling around a thought to choose.
Unlucky in external distractions.
Time goes by fast souring above with no ties to the moment.

In a hurry to get somewhere.
On a metaphysical plane.
Portals to tunnels.
Beyond the third-dimension.

Cobwebs of Collected Dreams.


Missing out on the action by forgetting the world to the entrenchment of a thought. Leaving me wanting more, because of the endlessness of imagination. Writing the current irrational state. Nothing is decided in the life of grey. The weather matches the dullness of an indifferent soul. Refusing to…


England [16] - South-Western Central England 

-  Shaftesbury, Wherwell, Lacock, Castle Combe, Bath, Avebury, Oxford, Chastleton House, Erlestoke, Bibury